He’s guilty. He’s got a choice, embrace the rebels which is a confession, or disown them which gives him some credibility. If he embraces them he is endorsing the murder of 300 people and also confessing to being involved in it. I hope he gets tried for war crimes if this continues, but judging by the world’s response to Bush, Assad, Sisi, and to a lesser degree Obama’s actions, I doubt that will happen. So more of this crap will probably happen in the future.

Does anyone think this was a fuck up if it was the separatists? I can’t help but think this wasn’t very well thought out as a deliberate attack with government backing. The way the separatists are acting toward the international investigators, I can’t help but think they’re trying to hide human error. I mean why attack a plane filled with mostly dutch and is from a  Malaysian company? How would you even know who’s on the plane unless you had someone from the company tell you?

In which case, it’s an act of terrorism and should be taken the ICC. I mean it should be taken to the ICC anyway but especially if it’s an act of terrorism.

I’m probably wrong.

Anyway, my condolences to everyone who lost someone. This should never happen.